How Many Days Until My Birthday - Countdown Tool

According to my birthday calculator, there are 259 days until my next birthday. This will seem to pass by in a blink of an eye because I am so busy juggling; school, a job, kids and a marriage. I actually need this break of fun for once in my hectic life. I promised myself three years ago I would throw a huge birthday bash for myself on my twenty-fifth birthday. I was going to break my promise to myself because my life is a little different than I imagined it would be at this point in my life. My career did not jump off like I planned. I was a mom before success. My marriage needs work. With all of that, I was feeling almost as if I do not deserve this extravaganza. Then I thought, I only live once and my time here on this earth does not have a rewind button or pause. So, I am absolutely doing this and I am planning early. Besides, I do not plan on doing this again until my fortieth. I should start planning now right? If I want a fabulous twenty-fifth celebration.

Countdown to my birthday

I am still young and of course, want to have a blast on this day. Although, I do want it to be of substance and have meaning other than it just be celebrating the day I was born. Since I was born in May, according to my birthday calculator, the most important number in my life is my life path number. That number is eleven. This number represents who I am and the native traits that I will carry with me through life. I am going to plan this bash strategically around the number eleven, the color gold and my native American background. For my checklist,

  • Get a calendar to keep up with how many days until my birthday
  • Make a guest List
  • Make invitations
  • Plan spectacular three-day gala
  • Book the DJ, chef, servers, bartender, and security
  • Make a slide-show of my birthday facts from my native American zodiac sign to my Egyptian month, to my ruling planet
  • Calculate expenses

Days until my birthday countdown

The best part about this birthday celebration and planning is that I can be and do whatever I want while being unapologetic. Everyone invited who loves me in my life, will support me no matter what. If I do make a fool out of myself through this three-day spectacle, I am definitely making an excuse for my behavior. I will not be sorry for having the time of my life. Why be shy in this time? why hold back? I only turn twenty-five once right? I am going to make this the best three-day long celebration. My friends and family are going to feel it was their birthday. They will feel like they were born again. This is definitely getting crossed off of my bucket list midnight May 29, 2018. If I can still stand after all the amusement that is.

Birthday Calculator Countdown

In this moment I am exactly 766,612,720 seconds old! I am literally getting older by the second which means it starts now. Zero days until my birthday countdown. My Countdown to my Birthday begins today! If I get one wish while blowing my 25 candles out, it would be that this feeling never ends.